Kate Jessup
GreenGoesBlack Unveiled
A trip to Prince Rupert, B.C. has lead to a spontaneous permanent installation in an abandoned WWII munitions depot that has been languishing in the forest for decades.
Tonight the piece was unveiled and the wonderful people of the region came to celebrate and investigate.
(See Links page to listen to a CBC segment recorded early in the project)
MAI/SAMA Kentucky
Looking forward to this year's conference and honored to be included in the Mosaic Arts International exhibit.
Wonderful press: "Aspen Stump" reviewed in the New York Times and Int. Herald Tribune!
The mosaic exhibition in Ravenna was amazing. But to be reviewed and pictured in that paper with such enthusiasm was mind-blowing.
Ravenna Mosaico
10|09|2011::The 2nd biennial Ravenna Mosaico was by all accounts a huge success. Hundreds of new and and ancient works were on display and scores of the greatest mosaic artists working today mingled with 50,000 Italians and internationals til the wee hours. "Aspen Stump" is showing in the Exhibition Musivo sponsored by the International Association of Mosaic Artists.

Fine Mess: Superstar!
Hard hard work pays off! "Fine Mess" (along with yours truly and Monika Proffitt) is on the front of the Truth or Consequences Herald! The article is a fascinating analysis by Kathleen Sloan.
Fine Mess: Debutante
6|19|2011Designed and built in 3 grueling weeks, "Fine Mess" was debuted with the grout still wet. Many fine citizens of Truth or Consequences joined us at Starry Night for the unveiling. At 5 am the next morning. I flew back to Seattle. A too-soon farewell.